Couples Therapy

How long have you been waiting?

Hoping things will get better.

Five years is the average time a couple waits after their relationship has shown signs of strain or problems have become the focus of their conversation.

How long has it been for you?

What’s not working?

Sometimes it’s the little things that never get resolved. They come up over and over again disguised in different ways. A source of friction that never ends.

The big things may be too awkward or sensitive to directly confront – money, your intimate life together, differences in parenting styles, your in-laws (or maybe your parents) are intrusive or still disapprove of everything!

You aren’t on the same page.

No goals or excitement in sight.

Lost in the boredom of everyday living.

Would it be the same with someone else?

Relationships change over time and so do the people in them.

Figuring out what these changes bring can either be a new starting point or the beginning of the end of your partnership.

Creating a relationship that supports and sustains a sense of fulfillment for each of you is the secret for a great and lasting life together.

What would it take to have a great relationship that lasts?

Are you ready to seek some professional help to assist you to determine a compelling future that both of you can get excited about?

What if you could learn how to confront concerns and keep the communication flowing?

Learn the skills to achieve a solution that works for both of you. Resolve conflicts to regain connection and intimacy.

Not sure how to start?

Call me today at (509) 366-1023 and don’t waste another minute – much less five years – figuring it out.