Never-ending Anxiety

Do you suffer from chronic anxiety that goes beyond worrying?

Have been exposed to combat or physical trauma that never seems to go away?

There are many reasons for chronic anxiety and reliving past traumatic events. The good news is that EMDR may be of great help to you.

Reprocessing Triggers Causing Anxiety

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing and is a form of therapy that is especially effective for clients who have experienced life-threatening trauma and continue to have anxiety or even PTSD long after the threat is gone.

This type of therapy has been found to be more effective in calming traumatic memories, allowing them to be stored in the brain’s ‘memory bank’ instead of being triggered by sights, sounds, touch, etc.

EMDR does more than treat the symptoms; it reaches the brain in a way that these traumatic memories are diminished in their impact.

Calming Down Your Emotions

EMDR can help, and we can work together to help you redirect memories of past events so that you can live a more anxiety free life.

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