Family Transitions

Have your kids got you stumped?

Welcome to the world of parenting.

Just when you have your kids all figured out, you turn around and they are exhibiting new behavior, sleep patterns, choices of friends, and new bouts of moodiness.

Most parents are still wishing there was a manual that came with their newborn.

Then you could just look up the section that pertains to their age or one that is labeled ‘Troubleshooting.’

Feeling Out of Your Depth

When things get stressed in your family, do you hear your own parents’ voices coming out of your mouth with words like, “Because I said so.”

Losing arguments with your middle schooler does not give you tons of hope for high school.

How do you get ahead of the curve to ward off bad behavior and poor choices?

Life Transitions are Happening

Just as their bodies are growing and changing, so are their brains, minds and their responses to the expanded world around them.

Life is different for today’s kids – they are facing challenges that were never faced by their parents.

Their skills at navigating a forever changing landscape are being tested daily.

I can help you with this.

I can show you clear strategies for keeping up with your own life while helping your kids through these difficult changes.

Through our work, you will develop a deeper connection with your children, allowing you to lead them, step-by-step, and year by year, into adulthood.

Give Your Children the Best Future Possible

Just as you would prepare for an emergency disaster heading your way – a flood, a fire, or even a bad winter storm – it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead for adolescence.

Spending some time anticipating the transitions facing your kids will help you all navigate this period with calm and intelligence.

Call (509) 366-1023 today to set up a time to chat. Make sure you are prepared to give your child the best.